Ben is a comedy writer and instructor living it up in Fort Worth with his wife, Bethany, and daughter, Piper. 

About Me

Ben Fort is a Fort Worth-based writer and Head of Four Day Weekend's Comedy Writing Program. He is a graduate of Second City’s Writing Program and has been writing, producing, and composing for theater and sketch comedy for over a decade. His humorous take on the 2011 NBA Lockout, The Lockout: A Musical (co-written with Jason Gallagher) was enjoyed by Slate, NPR, and Chicago’s Theater on the Lake, who included the musical in their 2014 season. Ben loves to teach comedy writing and strives to write comedy that brings people together.

Professional Experience:

  • Producer/Writer, Public Domain Universe. The audio adventures of classic characters facing modern life and sometimes evil forces. 2017-

  • Co-Writer, The Lockout: A Musical. An original comedy with Chicago productions at American Theater Company (2013) and Theater on the Lake (2014). 

  • Writer, Chester and the Unbearable Burdens, Part I and II. A fantastical comedy produced by Six Hours Short.

  • Co-Writer. Comedic videos for Lampstand Media.

  • Writer, Performer. Entertaining open enrollment videos for Lockton Companies.

  • Instructor. Teaches Writing 1-3 at Four Day Weekend's Training Center. Beginner and intermediate writing classes and workshops in Michigan, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Classes and Workshops

"Ben's class was a great introduction to writing sketch comedy and provided excellent reminders of the basics of scene construction for dramatists as well. My pacing, objectives, and dialogue writing improved as a result of this class. I highly recommend it!" -Sara, English student

"SO MUCH FUN! I highly recommend it. Ben is great to work with and really gives you lots of opportunities to be creative. I definitely laughed for a good 5 minutes straight in one class and had lots of difficulty regaining my composure." -Rachel, Chemical Engineer

The Lockout: A Musical 

(Book, Music, and Lyrics by Ben Fort & Jason Gallagher)

The Lockout: A Musical follows NBA owner Phil Goodman's attempts to sign a franchise superstar to save the struggling Wichita Water while battling a bitter labor dispute, his analytics-minded general manager, a scheming Commissioner, and his urge to sign his new best friend...who definitely not a superstar. 

Soundtrack on Spotify.

"The content dribbles fast and furious. And the shots are all 3- pointers...More importantly, I was impressed by Fort and Gallagher's innovative development of a musical truly dedicated to a moment in sport's history."

Chicago Theatre Beat

"By focusing on the lockout, a time of unusually raw and open emotion, [The Lockout] cleverly presents emotional dilemmas that are in some ways closer to how the NBA really works that what's on the cover of the sports page." 

- Henry Abbot, Senior writer for

"Ben Fort and Jason Gallagher have put together nothing short of a brilliant masterpiece with
'The Lockout: A Musical.'...It’s a beautiful blend of talent, satire and musical delight.

Life's a Funny Scene

Chester and the Unbearable Burden, Parts I & II

(Written by Ben Fort)

Chester is your typical broody wizard orphan whose biggest concern is finding a date to the Ball. That is until mysterious visitors arrive at his castle with a mysterious ring and rumors of the return of the Dark Lord who killed his parents. A comedic ode to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

"Silly and grin-inducing if not entirely gut-busting...Ben Fort's script wisely avoids most of the obvious jokes, aiming instead for a yarn that places itself in a world that's slightly askew and a little more deviant (though ultimately harmless) than the one we've come to love"  

Chicago Theatre Beat

"Not only does Chester and the Unbearable Burden – Parts 1 & 2 contain a great cast and several good laughs, but more than once while watching I found the story developing in an unexpected, “road-less-traveled” sort of way (for the better) as well."

- Eric Scull, MuggleNet