Season 1 Preview

Will Tom Sawyer’s dark secret derail his attempt at respectability? Will horrible events dim Candide’s relentless optimism? And what on earth is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother plotting?

All this and more in Season 1 of The PDU!

Sawyer Chapter 1: The Guinness World Record

Poor Tom. He want to be respectable, but his Aunt Polly doesn’t trust him, Becky Thatcher questions his love, and his best friend Huck is tempting him with a midnight visit to a graveyard.

Cinderella Chapter 1: The Girl and the Fairy Godmother

There are many things Cinderella doesn’t know about her life, not the least of which being her real name and that she had a fairy godmother. But when her fairy godmother suddenly appears and tells her that she must go to the ball and meet the prince, it becomes quite clear to Cinderella that everything in her life is about to change.

Candide (or Optimism) Chapter 1: The Most Dangerous of All Possible Game

Candide lives in the best of all possible worlds, where everything happens according to a splendid, orderly providence. So says his wise and worldly teacher, Pangloss. And what other explanation can there be for Candide's magnetic connection to the lovely QJr.?

And more importantly, why is a handcuffed Candide being interrogated by border agents?

What Got Cut: Candide

In this first episode of What Got Cut, Kristy Olson chats with PDU writer Peter Luby about adapting Candide and his regrets of not including a buttock amputation.

PDUniversity: Candide

In this first episode of PDUniversity, in which author and scholar R.S. Naifeh shares about the writer Voltaire, and some of the events and ideas that shaped Candide. Follow him on Twitter @RS_Naifeh

Sawyer Chapter 2: A Pirate Bold to Be

When Tom's grave secret comes between him and the women of his life, he recruits Huck to leave the world of the respectable.

Cinderella Chapter 2: The Prince and the Ball

Charles seems to be distracted tonight, which is unfortunate because he only has three nights to pick a bride at his royal ball.

Candide (or Optimism) Chapter 2: Poe, Poe, Pitiful Candide

After receiving devastating news, Candide tries to stay positive as he and Pangloss get recruited to sell questionable nutritional shakes and help build the house of the intimidating Montressor.

What Got Cut: Sawyer

Kristy Olson chats with PDU writer Ben Fort about adapting Sawyer, sad poetry, Sunday school heroics, and why the Becky engagement needed a modern update.

PDUniversity: Mark Twain

In this PDUniversity, R.S. Naifeh gives us a look at Mark Twain's America through the lens of his two most popular characters, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Cinderella Chapter 3: The Misunderstanding and the Meeting

Fairy Godmother just wants to enjoy a cup of tea, but she keeps having to deal with the fallout of the royal ball, as well as a visit from an old friend...

Sawyer Chapter 3: Asylum

In this episode of Asylum, Dr. Jack takes a break from his usual psych ward stories to investigate the murder of five year-old William Frankenstein, a strange true crime tale involving a nanny, a locket, a dead cat, and possibly grave robbing.


This week Ben musically adapts a different kind of public document: The accounts of an FBI Director's one-on-one meetings with the President as presented in Comey's modern classic, Statement for the Record.

Candide (or Optimism) Chapter 3: The Candy, or the Tiger?

Candide's journey to find QJr leads him to Resumed Covenant, a zoo-based cult in the Ozark Mountains. It's a great place for those who adhere to Father Toby's apocalyptic views, but zoo-based judgment awaits those who do not.

Cinderella Chapter 4: The Mystery Princess and the Glass Slipper

It's back to reality for Cinderella.

What Got Cut: Cinderella

Kristy Olson chats with PDU writer K.B. Hoyle about adapting Cinderella, the differences between the Grimm and Perrault versions, and the desperate cutting off of toes and heels.

Check out more of K.B. Hoyle's work, including The Breeder Cycle and The Gateway Chronicles at

Sawyer Chapter 4: Restitution (season finale)

Tom settles things.

Candide (or Optimism) Chapter 4: Life's a Perfect Gift of the Magi (season finale)

It's Christmas Eve and Candide is not in the best of all possible relationships. With just $1.87, can he find a way to make things right?

Cinderella Chapter 5: The Cellar and The Adventure (season finale)

Charles and Fairy Godmother take drastic steps when Cinderella doesn't show up on the final night of the ball.